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Piles of Paper

If piles of paper, overstuffed file cabinets, and shelves of document storage boxes are taking up valuable time and space, we have the solution.

You give us your paper, we give you your information back in the media form of your choice. It’s fast, easy, secure, and cost effective

Our Services

Document Capture

We quickly and reliably digitize and catalog all of your documents

Customized Solutions

Our trustworthy team takes care of your needs from A to Z efficiently and securely

Document Destruction

Clean up your clutter and regain your space by destroying unnecessary documents

Our Mission

FSI employees working

Getting Things Done

Regardless of the size or value of your job. We employ fast turn around time to ensure your needs are met. We apply innovative, cost-effective solutions for your company that match your exact requirements. Quality, secure, customized service is our promise.